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Improving Performance Through Strategic Insight

Pansapient create standalone/bespoke software to provide accurate actionable insight data on:
employees, customers, stakeholders and competitors.

We use a combination of bespoke insight software and strategic analysis algorithms to provide
accurate visualised output data on which to base business decisions.

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Knowing your Employees

Is your recruitment policy really working? Are your employees happy and working efficiently? How high is your attrition rate? Are you needlessly losing valuable employees? What do your employees really think of your business?

knowing your customers

Are your customers seeing your adverts? What do your customers think of your services/product? What do your customers think about your business? How often do you ask your customers for feedback?

knowing your stakeholders

What do your suppliers think of your business? How happy are your investors? Are your Directors in agreement about your strategy? Does your business impact the community or the environment, if so how?

knowing your competition

Who are your competitors? Are they who you think they are? Are there disrupters or newcomers who you are as yet unaware of? What doyour competititors think of you and how often do you check?

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Accurate Real Time Insights

Exit Interview Software - "The greater goal for any company, of course, is to retain valued employees. Research has shown that high turnover predicts low performance and that an organization with turnover lower than its competitors’ can be at a considerable advantage—particularly if it retains its top performers."Harvard Business Review.

Try IlluminOut- our cutting edge Exit Interview software, find out "the Why behind the Goodbye!"

Bespoke Insight Data Software Services - Pansapient can create opportunities to capture more accurate data on all aspects of critical business interactions with multiple touchpoints, focused on determining the true drivers. Utilise a custom built structured questionnaire to inform more unstructured personal opinions/views/thoughts with selected parties. Adjust and adapt responses and receive support with all aspects of the data collection process - we will work with you to optimise your data collection and managment.

Pre-Analysed Visualised Data Display - is dynamically visually displayed in helpful formats, generating actionable results across the organisation, as well as for specific obejctives or groups. With historic tracking and quick overviews at your fingertips, identify issues as they emerge to help build a culture that engages employees, clients , stakeholders and competitors and allows you to create valid workable strategies based on real time accurate insights. "In the land of the blind - the one eyed man is king!"


Business Insight Software

We can make a difference

Let's talk..! Our Data Insight software is highly adaptable and emminently flexible to suit your purpose and pocket. We can offer a range of solutions to help you improve decsion making and data capture.

We will work with you

We can offer a range of options to integrate with your current managment systems or we can offer our solution as a stand alone platform. Tell us what you need and we will do the rest.

We will find a solution

Identifying the key concerns will help us to create a workable solution, which we will implement with you and your team. Identifying the key drivers and collecting relavent data is critical.

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